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Upgrade to an
Electric School Bus Fleet

Highland offers the simplest and most affordable way to electrify your school buses.

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Get Tomorrow's Bus Fleet on Today's Budget

Pay only for the miles your buses drive: no more—and often less—than your current costs per mile.

How it works

Better Air.
Quieter Rides.
Fewer Repairs.

When school districts upgrade to an electric school bus, everyone benefits.

Why go electric

Healthy Students

Zero-emissions electric school buses mean better air for students, drivers, and communities.

Reliable Vehicles

Simple and reliable electric school bus motors reduce maintenance costs compared to diesel buses.

Affordable Plans

Pay only for the miles you drive with our comprehensive subscriptions.


Allow Highland to Do the Heavy Lifting

Fleet electrification is hard. You need a partner who can cut the costs and complexity of electric school bus upgrades for you.

How it works

11. Plan

We design and organize the entire electric bus project according to your school district.


22. Budget

We create a subscription plan that includes all your buses, chargers, and depot improvements.


33. Build

We procure the electric school buses and manage the construction of depot upgrades within school districts.


44. Train

We train your team to use and maintain your electric buses.


55. Charge

We charge the electric buses during off-peak hours, ensuring a “full tank” before each trip.


66. Maintain

We provide a complete service program, reimbursing for all repair costs, including parts and labor.


Real Fleets.
Real Results.

See the process of how Highland helped Transportation Director Dana Cruikshank upgrade to electric school buses in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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