Clean Air. Quiet Rides. Happy People.

Now is a great time to upgrade your fleet to electric.

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Better Health and Reliability.

Electric school bus fleets are safe, efficient, and inexpensive to maintain. With no emissions, they’re healthier for kids—and your community.


No Tailpipe

Everyone breathes easier without diesel fumes.


A Quiet Ride

You can really hear the difference.


Regenerative Braking

Engine braking charges batteries and saves wear and tear.


Emergency Power

Be your community’s backup generator.


No Fuel Costs

Never buy another gallon of diesel fuel.


Complete Warranty

If it breaks, we’ll fix it. Every time.

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“It’s like driving a cloud.”

–Henry Birkemose

Driver, Beverly, Massachusetts

Common Questions

What’s the lifespan of the batteries?

How do I rally political and community support for the project?

How do you manage the complexity of these projects?

How much do electric school buses cost?

How do I get my district or leadership to support fleet electrification?

How do we access grant funding?

How much does it cost to install charging equipment?

How much can I save on maintenance with an electric bus vs. a diesel bus?

How does AC and heat affect bus performance and range?

Does Highland provide education to the community? To my staff?

How far will a bus travel on a full charge?

Is an electric bus structurally any different than a traditional bus?

What is the warranty for the battery and electric drive motor? Is an extended warranty available?

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