Navigate the complexities of the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program.

Highland has the most experience competing for electric school bus grants and deploying electric fleets in the United States. Put our expertise to work for you.

What to expect in Round 2

Round 2 of the EPA Clean School Bus Program is expected to be a competitive application process (rather than another lottery). Competitive programs typically advantage high-quality proposals that are designed to compete within the program's rules and that demonstrate robust planning, relevant experience, high likelihood of project success, and often other elements like cost share.

The best way to advantage your Round 2 application is by applying with an experienced electrification partner.

Even with EPA funding, there’s no such thing as a free bus. Just like when you get computers, printers, or copiers for your school, you still need someone to set it all up and keep it working smoothly. As the most experienced fleet electrification provider in the United States, we can share valuable lessons learned in the field that save you the expense and effort of electrifying on your own:

Hidden Costs

  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Bus & Charger Maintenance
  • Depot Upgrades

Construction Challenges

  • Project Engineering
  • Utility Upgrades
  • Project Permitting

Operational Complexity

  • Charge Management
  • Vehicle To Grid (V2G)

Why Work with Highland

If you got funding in Round 1 and need help with implementation, Highland can make EPA dollars go farther, ensure infrastructure works, and guarantee buses are charged when needed. (If you're talking to a company about helping you electrify your fleet, make sure you ask them if they can financially guarantee the buses will work at all times.)

If you didn’t get funding in Round 1, we can help you prepare a competitive application for Round 2.

“Without Highland, we wouldn't have electric school buses today; that really is the bottom line. And we certainly avoided some potholes in the road because of their expertise.”

Catherine Barrett, Director of Grants
Beverly, MA

"The EPA's five-year program is a massive amount of money. That's bringing a lot of companies out of the woodwork, hoping to get a piece of the pie. School districts should be aware of that and work with an experienced partner that has been vetted—like Highland."

Robert Kanter, General Manager

Arizona Bus Center

Frequently Asked Questions

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