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Apply for EPA Clean Bus Program funding with Highland and Get 2+ Buses at EPA Rebate Prices, Guaranteed*

Get Paid to Upgrade with EPA Funding

The EPA Clean School Bus Program is the largest school bus funding opportunity in U.S. history. With up to $5 billion available for school bus electrification, the 5-year program is accepting applications through August for a first phase offering $500 million in rebates.

The program opened May 20th and runs through August 19, with grants awarded through a lottery. Selected districts will be notified in October.

Why Apply with Highland

Not everyone will get EPA funding this round. Highland can still make it affordable to secure electric school buses and infrastructure.

Guaranteed Subsidies

Get 2+ Buses at EPA Rebate Prices

Whether or not you win the EPA Clean School Bus Program lottery, Highland guarantees two or more school buses at EPA rebate prices to districts with large fleets (50+ buses) that apply with us. The largest fleets can receive up to five buses.

Guaranteed Savings

Get More for Your Budget

Highland can help your district upgrade to electric school buses AND reduce your current annual budget. Our size, experience, and capital create efficiencies that lower project costs and stretch incentive dollars further, including EPA funding.

How Highland Works

Guaranteed Upgrades

Improve Your Depot

From infrastructure installation to paving and bus barn maintenance, Highland manages the entire project from start to finish, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Let Highland Help

Avoid the Pitfalls

Even with EPA funding, there’s no such thing as a free bus. Highland saves your district the expense and effort of electrifying on your own:

Hidden Costs

  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Bus & Charger Maintenance
  • Depot Upgrades

Construction Challenges

  • Project Engineering
  • Utility Upgrades
  • Project Permitting

Operational Complexity

  • Charge Management
  • Vehicle To Grid (V2G)

“Without Highland, we wouldn't have electric school buses today; that really is the bottom line. And we certainly avoided some potholes in the road because of their expertise.”

Catherine Barrett, Director of Grants
Beverly, MA

Application Timeline


1Partner with Highland

Partner with Highland on your EPA Application

2Submit Application

Highland creates the application for you to submit by August 19, 2022

October and Beyond

3Lottery Results Announced

The EPA Selects districts for rebate awards via a lottery

SelectedYou Win

If you win, Highland helps you stretch your EPA dollars further

Not SelectedYou Still Win

Even if you don't win, Highland guarantees 2+ electric school buses at EPA rebate prices and more

EPA Clean School Bus Program Webinar

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many buses can I receive rebates for?

How much is available in rebates for each bus?

What are prioritized districts?

Do I have to scrap my diesel buses?

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